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“In a suit you want to look handsome, not trendy”

KYLE ANDERSON, US MARIE CLAIRE‘S ACCESSORIES DIRECTOR. Marie Claire‘s Accessories Director, Kyle Anderson, is one of the freshest, kindest and most masculine faces in the front row during fashion week. He loves wearing very fashionable but comfortable clothing. He also loves sneakers, the colour black, and is one of Givenchy‘s biggest fans. We asked him some questions to get to know more about this handsome editor.

Fabrizzio Morales-Angulo: As we said before, you go mad for Givenchy men’s collection, but tell us about other brands you love and wear. Kyle Anderson: Yes! My favorite collection is Givenchy’s but I love a lot of other brands as well. For watches I love Rolex. For shoes, Prada runway has always the quirkiest pieces. I Also love ready-to-wear from Balmain- they have great jeans and t-shirts.

FMA: What young brands did you discover and help to become well-known? KA: I’m not sure if I made them well-known but some of the smaller brands that I love are mostly jewelry ones. I love AS29, Stone, Elise Dray, Eva Fehren and Pristine. I found most of them in Paris and now we feature them in Marie Claire whenever and wherever they can fit!

FMA: As Marie Claire‘s Accessories Director, you probably have some other favourite men’s accessories brands… which ones? Arriving at Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/2012 show, wearing Givenchy shirt, pants and necklace, Prada shoes and Tom Ford sunglasses. KA: Not really. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of other brands accesories for men. They are too boring. I like the fine jewelry I mentioned above. I think men’s bags are too boring. This season I might be carringy only women’s bags: Valentino, Givenchy, Chanel are my favourite ones.– I just can’t find a good men’s bag anymore.

FMA: Men’s jewelry usually is in the edge: It is either classic and boring or excessive and tacky… fortunately you always show us that some valid options do exist. Can you give us some advice on how to do it right just like you do? KA: Well, first I like silver jewelry or white gold one. Yellow gold doesn’t match me. I think if you are a guy you have to chose one piece like a necklace or a ring and not wearing anything else. I wear my silver rolex everyday. It goes with everything. Then I usually wear just one earring, or one ring with that. Something rock-n-roll and expensive. I like diamonds and I don’t like costume jewelry. A good piece of advice would be just wearing real jewelry as a man keeps it less tacky.

FMA: If you had to wear a suit, which designer would you choose? And what about the shirt, shoes and tie? We need to know the best choice for the whole outfit. KA: The suits I have at home are Prada, Tom Ford and YSL. But in Milan I had a black tie emergency and I borrowed it from Dolce & Gabbanaand it was really perfect. I’d buy Dolce next time. Something simple and black and sexy. I think if I want to make it funky I could make a cool hairstyle instead of a trendy suit. Classic is better. In a suit you want to look handsome, not trendy.


FMA: During last season’s shows, we noticed your hair style and how you changed it every day. How do you decide on the hair style? Does it depend on your mood or on your look? KA: For fashion week I like to change everyday because I come in contact with hundreds of people from around the world everyday. Most people only really see me during fashion week in NY, Paris or Milan. On an everyday basis I wear my hair the same but during those weeks I like to change my hair and have a bit more fun. Usually my hair style or color is inspired by what I’m wearing. Fashion week is a ways away but I’m already thinking what will I do next?


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