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Juan Vidal Fabrizzio Morales Angulo

Juan Vidal

Juan Vidal is one of the most relevant designers in the Spanish fashion system in this new century. His brand sells more out from the Spanish borders than inside. He started very young, and he comes from a family tailoring tradition, he is son and grandson of great tailors who know the art of “made to misure”. He grew up surrounded by pins, patterns and perfect done pieces, and all these things are present on his collections, they are elegant, delicate and supported by solid concepts. We interviewed him to know him better and discover how he sees the current fashion moment.

Juan Vidal SS13 silk yellow dress

Juan Vidal SS13 silk yellow embellished dress.

Fabrizzio Morales-Angulo: Hi Juan, you are a very young designer but your brand is already well consolidated and structured. At which age did you start to design and when did you decide to start with your own brand? Obviously we have to speak about the family´s tailoring tradition, the exquisite of the made-to-measure, because all that is very present on your collections, and it is what marks the difference with other young creators. Juan Vidal: Let’s see.. I have to point out that coming from a tailoring family committed to fashion does not mean that my company has to be well consolidated and structured. Indeed, this is one of the weaknesses of my brand. The company role that my parents used to have does not have to be with the current business role I have now. Instability is really high and I do not know, as my parents did not know when they began, the right way to keep on within this world being just a dress-maker son of just a tailor.

I do not remember quite well when I did start designing… I just know that, when I was 15-16 years old, I had the chance of creating by my own and giving my point of view about several wedding dresses for a couple of customers. After that, I studied art and fashion but at the same time I kept on designing from time to time. I took the decision of creating my own brand in a very progressive way, nearly driven by a flow. By now, I am not conscious of wanting to have my own brand.

FMA: Your family has one of the most wonderful fashion shops in Spain, you grew up surrounded by pieces of Moschino, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and many more. In which way do you think all that influenced your way of creating?  JV: Since I was a kid, I have had the chance of valuing thousands of items details… I could be present in thousand of sales so I consider myself very lucky as the training I have had for so many years without being conscious is priceless. If  you add to all this training that I have always been very curious as I really wanted to be there within those sales, to listen to those women and, above all, to touch those items… I mean, after all this… something is left.

Juan Vidal SS13 silk printed dress

Juan Vidal SS13 silk printed dress

FMA: What do you define as the signature of your collections? JV: My signature is an eternal feminine style, a mixture of the past and the future, re-defining the woman, making it visible without wanting her to attract too much attention. I understand that garments have to be a caprice product to be desired… they should have their own soul.

FMA: You create shoes and bags collections for an italian brand, issuing four collections a year, how you handle the fashion rythm? JV: I am no longer working for that firm and that rythm was fine… I even miss it.

Juan Vidal

Juan Vidal before his SS/2013 show.

FMA: Your collections are avaliable now at Gallery in Madrid, Spiga2 in Milan and LuisaViaRoma in Firenze, which is the next frontier? JV: My personal frontiers are keeping on designing and my goal is focused on looking for stability. If I keep those stores through these hard times, that would be great.

FMA: At your last show we discovered that catwalk pavement ceramics were designed by you. Are collabs the designer’s ways to get an extra source of income to keep their own brand? JV: These collaborations are much more than necessary! By now, I sometimes have not enough income to run certain events or actions. With Peronda ceramics I have created a synergy that is helping me to keep on exposing my work at the same time they do the same with theirs.

FMA: Moving to something more fun and easy. Tell us, how much being so handsome helps to get success? JV: Lol! Thank you for the compliment! But I have not tried that yet

FMA: To close up and to rise some envies, tell us how happy you are working in the profession you love? JV: There are a lot of very grateful moments while there are others that are not so much. By now, I have been lucky for having so much support in order to make this passion a profession.

Photo & Text : Fabrizzio Morales-Angulo

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